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2021 Legislative Outlook / Report

January 8, 2021

Hello Friends,

Legislative Session starts this week, and I am excited to participate in the process. I have tried to work diligently to prepare myself for the upcoming session with many meetings, briefs, and readings. Several constituents have contacted me with their interest in issues and/or views on what laws need to be revisited so that they might better serve South Dakotans.

On Tuesday, January 12, Governor Noem will give her State of the State Address that will likely address potential solutions and opportunities that are on the horizon for South Dakota. In the past, fiscal discipline and integrity have been the corner stone of the address, but this year, with one-time money available and better-than-expected revenues, there will be funds for such investments as infrastructure, debt retirement, and reserves. This will be an exciting year as the Governor and Legislature invest in initiatives that will improve South Dakota and give current and future South Dakotans opportunities to thrive.

The week continues with the State of the Judiciary Address on Wednesday and the State of the Tribes Address on Thursday. My first committee meeting is on Friday when the House Commerce and Energy Committee gathers for its first meeting of the session. Being in private business for many years, this committee assignment is a good fit for me, and I look forward to the issues that will be brought forward this year. I am also fortunate to serve on the House Local Government Committee. My five-year term of service with the Fort Pierre City Council has hopefully prepared me well for this post. I am happy that my District 24 partner, Will Mortenson, will be serving on this committee as well.

In the coming weeks, I will write about the important issues that the legislature is considering, my positions on those issues, and other things that I experience in the session. Committee work and hearings will consume much of my time, so I plan to share what happens in those committees as well.

I appreciate every one of you. As you have shared your concerns, I have become more informed and interested in addressing them. Easy solutions are not always readily available, but it is important to start the conversation. Please feel free to contact me at Thank you.

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