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Looking back on 2019 and 2020...

October 26, 2020

To: Friends of Mike Weisgram for District 24 House

From: Mike Weisgram

RE: Election one week away

Good morning on a brisk (10 degrees) sun-shiny Monday morning! Today finds me in a reflective mood as I look back over 2019 and 2020. When my son-in-law Chris came back from the hospital(s) that helped him recover from Guillain-Barre Syndrome last year, we had a coming home party at Drifters. We were on a celebratory “high” as we welcomed him home and gave thanks for all who supported us during his illness. Many friends were there all hearing from Chris and Molly about how our communities wrapped us with their love, concern, and action and got us through that journey.

When it was my time to thank everyone, I concluded my thankful remarks with the announcement that I had decided to run for the SD Legislature in 2020. I remember a few of our friends looking surprised and seeing others with big grins.

For background, in the late summer of 2019 I received a call from a couple of gentlemen that I respect very much, both asking me to consider a run for District 24 House as there would be two open seats. These gentlemen—the two happen to be on opposite ends of the political landscape—are friends. They both encouraged me to run as they are complimentary of my values and judgement. I promised to think about it. As I did, I kept coming back to the fact that all I want from life is to see my family and friends experience and enjoy the beautiful opportunities in their lives. I love South Dakota and if I could bring some positives to the legislature to preserve and improve these opportunities for its citizens, then I—with no hesitation—could say, “I’m in.” Honestly, I have not looked back since I made that decision.

It’s been a year since I have made the commitment to run for District 24 House, and I want to thank all of my old and new friends for helping me get to this point. I appreciate the encouragement and support they have given me. Campaigning (for an old salesman like me) is kind of fun and kind of foreign, too. Promoting myself is different that promoting the flooring store as I had products and a team behind me to present. Now, I am presenting my promise to represent citizens of District 24 with integrity, respect, values gained by my experiences in business, and with family and friends. Developing public policy requires a calm and steady attitude and I commit to learning, listening, and working hard to find solutions to these challenges. No perfect social order can be attained, but I will be prudent in my analysis of policies and reforms as they are presented.

In closing, I want to express my gratitude to all who support me. I must admit, I am excited to serve. Whatever happens, this has been a wonderful experience and I have you to thank you for it.

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